x-mahan-nah- Vapor Cancun

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Vapor heats up
At X-mahan-nah Vapor Cancun, relax or get heated in their many saunas, steam rooms and cruising areas. Also a great place to learn more about the lucidious lovings of Cancun!


    • chromestar
      chromestar Over a year ago
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      I think this place is closed...
      Went to the address found by Google Maps, across the street from the Parque de la Rehoyada. Walked around several of the streets on the area and didn't find anything. The guy at the Aztec hotel said there used to be a place a few blocks away, but it closed. There is another one called Closet de Laser that's open and in a kind of sketchy area near Bonampark & Avenida Revolucion. Not too many guys, but most were pretty hot!

      DREAMISLAND Over a year ago
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      Enjoy the life

    • Alibaba3023
      Alibaba3023 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I'm lost
      I am visiting I went to their address but I can't find it all I see is a mobile mechanic taller. Any help?? Thanks

    • Kuno2010
      Kuno2010 Over a year ago
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      Bathhouse in Cancun
      X mahan nah is a small gay bathhouse, in fact, is the only one in Cancun. It was a small house that was converted into a bathhouse. It has one steamroom, a darkroom and a videoroom.

    • marcox.nvl
      marcox.nvl Over a year ago
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      The best sauna in cancun
      This in the best in cancun, clean and friendship. whitout restriction.un buen lugar para pasar un rato agradable, sin restricciones y fcil de ubicar.